Who We Help - Weight Loss for Men


The basis of treatment is the development of an individualized eating plan, as problems in metabolism are best addressed initially with nutrition.  We then explore some type of physical activity program that each patient can use, as muscle health tends to promote proper metabolism. Prescription medications and hormonal treatment are also considered, depending upon the situation.

Our Approach for Adults

Afforable & Enjoyable to Eat
We focus on food options that are affordable, but also enjoyable to eat.  We do NOT use food replacement meals, which are popular, but never sustainable in the long term.  Although food plans may not be specific to common diets such as Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, etc., we employ strategies from all of the above, emphasizing the common factors that exist in all of them.
Hormonal Imbalances, Testosterone & Medications
Next, we identify the remaining barriers.  These might be hormonal imbalances, such as Testosterone Deficiency, which is common and treatable.  We then prescribe Testosterone under the proper circumstances.
We also review medications that you take for other reasons, as many can cause weight gain. We may offer to speak with your other doctors if there are alternative medications that are not as weight gaining as the ones that you might currently be taking.
Important for Metabolic Health
An exercise program is important for metabolic health.  Although exercise by itself is not a complete weight loss tool, it has its role as part of our overall weight loss strategy.  We help you incorporate a physical activity method that you can do on a regular basis and one that helps you see results.
Together we formally address weight loss barriers you may be facing and develop a safe, effective strategy to help with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Who We Help - Weight Loss for Men


Our strategy for seniors is similar to that of younger adults. Preservation of muscle mass takes on a greater importance, and we see to it that muscle mass is not lost during the weight loss process. Weight loss medications use can still be used but with careful attention to existing medical problems.
We also address the possibility for Testosterone Deficiency which tends to be more prevalent than it would be for the younger patient.
As with all patients, an individualized food plan is formulated.
Lastly, we modify your exercise program to create a program that allows you to see results without increasing your odds of injury.

Who We Help - Weight Loss for Men


Our younger patients require the attention and support of the people around them.  Since others around them determine the quality of food available to them, parents and guardians will need to play an active role during each visit.
Unfortunately, younger boys and men are starting to develop very serious metabolic problems such as:
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • and Others
For this reason, bloodwork is often obtained in order to identify such problems during the early phases.

Our Approach for Pre-Teens

Once bloodwork is completed, we then look carefully at each patient’s eating habits and degree of physical activity.  An entire eating plan and activity program is created.  At the conclusion of the program, lab work may be repeated to confirm the correction of metabolic problems that were there at the beginning of the program.
Our younger patients require support from those that surround them. Together we’ll develop a strategy for long-term weight loss success.